Perline Miracle 3D 12 mm arancio brillante

Perline Miracle 3D 12 mm arancio brillante

Feel the magic with these Miracle 3D beads 12mm. Miracle beads are a resin bead with a lacquered surface which makes them very shiny. They even seem to glow in the dark. The bead is repeatedly sprayed with a reflective material which creates the tantalizing illusion of a bead within a bead. Use these fashionable beads for trendy earrings or a glamorous neklace. Combine them with sead beads or glass beads and use macrame string or elastic thread for your catchy bracelet. These miracle 3D beads in Electric Orange will give you a mesmerising look.

Misura: ca. 12mm
Quantità: 30 pz.
Colore: arancio brillante
Artikel nr: 47372